The P&C generally meets once a month, please see the Schools Notice Board for P&C Meeting dates. The meetings takes place either in the staff room or the library from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

P&C meetings are very informal and offer a wonderful opportunity for parents to become part of the school. At the meetings, parents discuss issues, make suggestions and generally contribute their ideas on how to make our school even better than it is. Through the P&C, money is also raised to make purchases that benefit students.

The P&C has various individuals and committees that work towards, for example, making the canteen operate smoothly, raising funds, running the book-club, organising the safety house and collecting money, to name a few. Most parents who come to P&C meetings work and have other commitments but being involved in the P&C directly benefits your child and other children at the school.

The Uniform Shop is run by the P&C Association with parent coordinator (Sue Costa). Currently until further notice the Uniform shop will only be available for pre-orders. We have amended the order form to include instructions on how ordering will take place.

Hungry Hawker, the school canteen, is available for all students (K-6) every Wednesday and Friday. Orders can be placed over the counter by 9.30am or online (quickcliq) by 9.00am.

Recess is only available for Years 1- 6 and those that are pre-ordered are picked up by the children at the counter. Recess items can also be purchased over the counter at recess (10.40am-11.00am).

All lunch orders must be pre-ordered. These orders are delivered to the classrooms at 12.10pm (ready for lunch at 12.20pm). After the designated time for eating, children may come to the counter to collect pre-ordered afters (e.g. ice-creams) or to purchase. 

Please note that children are limited to purchasing only one afters item per visit unless pre-organised by parents (i.e. for siblings).

For further details please call the canteen on (08) 9422 2010 on canteen days. 

Welcome to CommBank Dolomites School Banking

  • Every Wednesday 
  • In the Library
  • 8:00am – 8.30am.
  • We also attend Zig Zags. 


Can you please abide by the following rules

  • Have your deposit slips already filled in BEFORE attending. 
  • Parents not to accompany their children if possible into the undercover area, please wait outside.
  • Sanitiser will be on the table for children to use & we will use it before handling your child’s bank book. 


Thank you so much for your understanding. We can’t wait to see your children’s Happy Faces again & Welcome any new Bankers to HPPS. 

Please don’t hesitate to come & see us or contact                                    Kym  0419 868 568 if you have any questions

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FROM DR ROBERTS What an amazing year we have nearly completed. The end of year graduation and concerts we had last Friday and Monday were


FROM DR ROBERTS The campers have returned safely form Rottnest so we thank everyone involved in this exciting event that can only happen with staff

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