Our Staff

Administration Staff

Principal – Dr Irma Roberts 

Principal / Associate Principal – Mr Andrew Etheridge 

Associate Principal / SEN Co-ordinator Mrs Liz Everall

Associate Principal Ms Felicity Randell 

Manager Corporate Services Mrs Sandra Beard 

School Officer Miss Michelle Atkinson

Chaplain – Mrs Chevonne Burr 

Psychologist Mr Ken Berry

Teaching Staff

Kindy (EC1) – Mrs Kira Tessler / Mrs Branka Subotic (DOTT)

Pre Primary (EC2) – Mrs Tess Jones / Mrs Michelle May (DOTT)

Year 1 (TA1) – Miss Stephanie Germano 

Year 2 (TA2) – Miss Rikki Armstrong 

Year 2 (TA3) – Mrs Liz Everall / Mrs Tracey Barrett

 Year 3 (TA5) – Ms Bev Stokes / Mrs Amanda Rozbicki

Year 4 (TA8) – Mrs Lesley Sherriff / Mrs Ainslie Hazebroek

Year 5 (TA5) – Ms Felicity Randell / Mrs Pamela Barnes

Year 6 (TA9) – Mrs Emma Dobson / Mrs Alicia Martinovich 

Specialist Teaching Staff

Indonesian – Mrs Marlee McAdam 

Music – Mrs Branka Subotic 

Physical Education – Mrs Tracey Barrett 

Science – Mrs Amanda Rozbicki 

Mental Health – Mrs Lesley Sherriff

Library Officer – Mrs Joyce Keevil

School Support Staff

Gardener – Mr George Tustanowski – 

Gardener – Mr Paul Beard

Head Cleaner – Mr Pavale Gurovski

Cleaner – Mrs Marilyn Smith

Cleaner – Mrs Mery  Bershay 

Cleaner – Ms Paula Ferris

Education Assistants

Mrs Deb Ryan

Ms Karen McPhee

Mrs Jenny Moy

Mrs Elaine Brennan

Leelyn Kaka

Leanne Anderson

Joyce Keevil

Lilian Stangoni

Melanie Wilson 

Hawker Headlines


FROM DR. ROBERTS Welcome parents, students and staff and a very warm welcome to our new families and Kindergarten families. We have had one of


FROM DR. ROBERTS We are already in week four of a nine-week term and generally, students have settled back into school in a very responsible

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