Our Environment

To support sustainable education and raise awareness for the need to care for our environment, the school and community have embarked on making the school ecologically friendly through maintaining the natural bush and the establishment of a whole school vegetable garden called The Big Friendly Garden (BFG), to be used by students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and parents.

School Community BFG – We invite all our school community members to help create a sustainable environment. All parents, grandparents and children are welcome to create a garden that will produce both food and enjoyment. Grow and harvest food for the table.

Through the BFG:

  • Students learn about plant/vegetable growth to develop a better understanding of challenges and successes of growing food
  • The need to collect and conserve water
  • The need to protect plants from harsh conditions and pests
  • The development of fundamental enterprise through the growth and sharing of excess vegetables to the canteen and community
  • Involvement of the community to assist in the development of school – parent partnership
  • Use produce for cooking to learn about healthy food and eating
  • The BFG is used as a stimulus and integrated in many learning areas throughout the school.
Together We Gro

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