It is already week 8!  Semester reports will be emailed home at the end of week 9, December 8.  Please ensure we have your correct email address.  If parents require individual student reports, each parent is asked to provide the school with their correct email address.

We held our final school board meeting last Wednesday.  One of the many agenda items was students riding to school.  The consensus from the Board was for the school to develop a Riding to School Policy that included the following safety points:

  1. The Road Safety and Drug Education authority suggest students younger than 10 years do not ride independently as developmentally, they cannot judge the speed of traffic.
  2. Students under 16 years are not permitted to ride eRideables.
  3. Students who ride to school need to park and secure their bicycle, scooter or other in the bike rack outside the music room.
  4. The school will not take any responsibility for bicycles, scooters or other that may be stolen or damaged while at school.
  5. As a safety measure, students will walk their bicycles, scooters or other while on the school grounds.
  6. For their own safety, students riding their bicycles, scooters or other, wear helmets.
  7. Should students ride their bicycle, scooter or other on school grounds, parents will be notified and requested to allow their child to come to school using another method.
  8. Students riding their bicycles, scooters or other are expected to be self-disciplined and adhere to the above relevant points.

Recently, the weather has been hot, we had swimming and students are starting to become tired; but our staff remain buoyant and professional. To all our parents who, like our staff, continue to practice respect, kindness and manners, a huge pat on the back and thank you.


  • The Helpers Morning Tea is tomorrow in the staffroom
  • For free delivery, student requirements need to be completed by Friday 1 Dec
  • Last day for swimming is Friday 1 Dec
  • Year 6 Graduation is 8:30am on Friday 8 Dec
  • Our Christmas Concert is on Monday 11 Dec starting at 6:00pm


The School Board held it’s last meeting for the year last Wednesday 22 November.  Amongst the key topics discussed were the results of the annual Board Survey which was completed in Term 3. Mr Etheridge also presented an overview on how the school collects results and test data for all year levels to build a complete picture of how each child in each cohort is progressing. He also provided an overview of NAPLAN and explained how these results form only one part of the School’s holistic approach to our children’s education.

It was also the last meeting for outgoing parent representative, Keely Mundle. We thank Keely for her valuable contribution to the Board over the last 3 years.

Yesterday, Dr Roberts, Mr Etheridge and I attended a lunch with State Cabinet Ministers on behalf of the School. This invitation was extended to us by Member for Kingsley and HPPS School Board community representative, Jessica Stojkovski.  It was a great opportunity to meet with representatives from other schools in the district and to discuss our school directly with cabinet minsters.

Nicole Arnold

Board Chair

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Term 4

Week 9

4 Dec – Make a move Yr1-6

6 Dec – Make a move PP

8 Dec – Year 6 Graduation

8 Dec – Semester reports emailed home

Week 10

11 Dec – End of Year Concert

11 Dec – P&C Raffle

13 Dec – Hawker Headlines

13 Dec – Staff Vs Student netball

14 Dec – Students last day for 2023


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