I’d like to start this newsletter with a big thank you to Emma Claessen, Karla Madahar-Santos and their band of year six parent volunteers, who worked tirelessly at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on the weekend, fundraising for the year 6 camp. It is always a pleasure to see the great community spirit of Hawker Park at work on days like these. The P&C is also organising and running a School Disco on June 11. Flyers and other information went home yesterday.

It has been great to see so many parents back at assemblies this year to watch our children perform and receive certificates. You may also have noticed that as part of each assembly our fabulous music teacher Mrs Subotic selects either the junior, middle or senior classes to sing a community song to end each assembly. The upcoming classes performing these community songs will now appear in the “Did You Know” section of Hawker Headlines.

Our new building, Hawker Hub, is slowly progressing, with all the children recently enjoying the pouring of the slab.

Hawker Hub Slab Pour

Hawker Hub Slab Pour

Hawker Hub Slab Pour

Last Friday’s perfect conditions saw the first round of our winter sport fixtures. Tremendous sportsmanship was shown by all and there was plenty of parent support to encourage our teams as we took on Halidon Primary School. This week Hawker Park will host Goollelal Primary School. Regrettably our game scheduled for June 4 in our term planner has been cancelled. Please see the students’ sport report for further fixtures.

For the past few weeks’ students have been enjoying their Make a Move session on Tuesdays. They are all busily fine tuning their skills for a week 10 performance on Tuesday 22 of June at 1:15 in the undercover area. This will be a year 1-6 performance and all parents are welcome to come along and watch.

As part of school review next Thursday, June 3, some of our students from years 2-6 will be asked to take part in discussions with the reviewers. If you do not wish your child to be considered for these discussions, please contact the school by Monday May 31.

Finally, our year six captains headed off to a leadership conference in the city last Thursday, accompanied by Mrs Martinovich. There they proudly represented Hawker Park Primary School and participated in a variety of leadership activities.


Is a 3-part documentary on Domestic Abuse presented by investigative journalist Jess Hill.  The real victims are children who generally do not have a voice. The series was on SBS Wednesday 8:30. We should all be aware of domestic abuse and outraged by how it impacts victims. (Dr Roberts)


End of Semester Reports will be emailed on Friday 25 June (Week 10). This allows one week for you to speak to classroom teachers if you wish to. Please ensure that the email address we have at school is correct and for people who are co-parenting and require multiple report copies please inform the office and supply your email addresses.

Kindergarten reports will focus on social and emotional development. As these are printed copies they will be handed out in class on an appropriate Kindy day.

Pre-primary reports will have personalised comment and level for English and Mathematics along with a general comment, Science will have a generic comment and level.

On the Year 1-6 report, all learning areas will have an achievement level. The Music, Science, LOTE and PE teachers will write a generic comment and classroom teachers will write a personalised comment for English, Mathematics and general comment.

The achievement levels are as follows:

A       Excellent
The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for the year level.

B       High
The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for the year level.

C       Satisfactory (Expected)
The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for the year level

D       Limited
The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for the year level

E        Very Low

Teachers have been asked to contact parents before the semester reports are sent home if they are giving a D level.

At our school, we do not give E levels as these students are usually on an Individual Education Plan.

Please note that a C level is given to most students as the achievement is what we expect from students in the learning area for the particular year.


(Interschool Sports is for selected year 4’s, 5’s and 6’s.)

Last week, Hawker Park versed Halidon Primary in soccer, here is the overview:


“Team A:  In team A, things didn’t go to plan. In the first half, the score was tied, 1-1. But our goalie Arlo’s Achilles heel was injured in an accident. The Halidon team saw this opportunity and scored four more goals. Luckily, James was able to score two goals for Hawker Park. In the end, the score was 2-5. 

Team B: Luckily, team B had more success, the Halidon team had no chance. Team B rushed through them and scored goal after goal without letting in a single goal. In the end, the score was 9-nil. 

Even though Team A lost, Team B were able to balance the score, hopefully Team A will be able to win in their next match. 

Go Hawker Park! ”                         Reported by Ben



“Last Friday we had our first netball game against Halidon Primary. It was a big success. Good job for everyone being good sports. We were lucky enough for both our A and B teams to win. This Friday our second game will be against Goollelal good luck to everyone participating.”                     

Reported by Vayda


This week Hawker Park hosts Goollelal Primary on Friday Afternoon. Upcoming fixtures are:

  • Friday 11 June at Dalmain Primary School departing HPPS 1pm and returning 2:45 pm
  • Friday 18 June at Marangaroo Primary School departing HPPS 1pm and returning 2:45 pm
  • Friday 25 June Whole day carnival at Halidon PS


“On the 20 of May the eight leaders of Hawker Park travelled by train to their GRIP Leadership Conference at the Perth Convention Centre.

It was an excellent and interactive learning experience for them as the leaders of our school. They were accompanied by Mrs Martinovich and joined 1000 students from across Perth at the conference.

They learned about when it’s their time to lead, taking responsibilities as leaders, having bright ideas and how to plan them. The conference included competitions, magicians, badges, actors, movie clips and many more interesting activities.

Three of our leaders even participated in a talent show and competitions. Overall, the conference was an exciting learning opportunity for the leaders who attended.”

Reported by Alicia


Apply to enrol your child/ren at Hawker Park Primary School (K-6) for the 2022 school year by downloading a copy of the Application Form from our website or alternatively come to the front office of Hawker Park Primary School to collect.

Please make sure that you have applied to enrol your child as soon as you can. Submitting your application promptly will allow us to commence planning of classes for the coming year.

  • Kindergarten – must turn 4 by June 30, 2022
  • Pre-primary – must turn 5 by June 30, 2022

* Children currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Hawker Park Primary School need to re-enrol if wishing to continue in Pre-primary at the school in 2022. Application forms for these students will be sent home in due course.

* Children currently enrolled at Hawker Park Primary School who have a sibling of Kindy age for 2022 must still apply as this is not automatic. For Kindergarten we have a limit of 20 students per group therefore enrolments are accepted as they are received.

If you have a neighbour or friend whose child will be turning 4 before 30 June 2022, please remind them to complete an application form before the end of term 2.

Submit your Application Form for enrolment at the school as soon as possible and provide copies of:

  • your child’s birth certificate (the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate)
  • your child’s Immunisation History Statement (This can be obtained through your My Gov account)
  • proof of your current address (e.g. recent accounts for electricity, water and telephone, bank details)


  • dogs are not permitted on the school grounds – last week Dr Roberts sustained a dog injury but luckily it was not a child
  • some families have already responded to our Mental Health Survey. Thank you. If you would like input, please complete the survey by the 1st of June.
  • we have morning fitness Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • students who are at school before the bell settle quickly into the day’s work
  • children who arrive after the siren must go to the office to collect a late note before going to class. If children arrive late on days when there is whole school fitness, they will need to remain at the office until fitness finishes at 8:50am.
  • At our next Assembly June 10, years 1 & 2 will be singing our community song
  • At our June 24 Assembly years 3 & 4 will be singing our community song


Over the upcoming weeks we will be asking for donations of resources to help with our SMARTS Day. At this stage we are asking for:

  • cardboard cylinders of any size (except toilet rolls)
  • Pop Top bottles with lids.
  • Coloured embroidery cotton threads
  • Cotton Aida cross stitch fabric
  • Dress up props – Hats, jackets, old glasses, walking sticks, ties and anything else you can think of (if you would like anything returned please label the items)
  • Large Outdoor Games – Naughts and crosses, Twister, Connect 4 etc. (we can create a register for items needing to be returned if you are happy to lend them to us)
  • Fishing line
  • Pliers (for beading)
  • Unwanted beaded jewellery

If you have any to donate, please drop them off to Admin.

Thank you in anticipation


The year 1’s & 2’s visited the Hills Forrest on Wed 12 May. We learnt about the forest plants and animals and how they help each other.

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3

Learning Adventures TA3


  • The year 6’s have been running “Story Time” on Thursdays during lunch for the year 1’s & 2’s.
  • Term 1 Library monitors: Samika, Indi and Casey (yr. 6) have been doing an amazing job with library displays, borrowing and hidden egg messages for Easter.

Library Displays

Library Displays

Library Displays

Library Displays

  • Iris (TA2) has written her 1st Novel. It is currently on display for everyone to enjoy

Iris’s 1st Novel display


Welcome to week 6!

Children are learning new things all the time, sometimes this can be overwhelming for them. I’ve attached a few simple ways kids can calm down anywhere. If we teach children emotion intelligence now while they are young, they will have these tools for the rest of their lives and continue to build on them.

Simple Ways Kids Can Calm Down Anywhere

I love watching children grow and learn, they are like sponges!  Getting outside, exploring different textures and tastes, playing and chatting all help with their development.

Did you know:

  • 2015 Planet Ark Research report, Needing Trees – The Nature of Happiness, found: • Children who engage in just one third more outdoor activities than their peers grow up to be happier adults.
  • 2014 Study by the University of British Columbia showed that: • Natural play spaces make children more active and less depressed.

24/7 Mental Health Services

Take Care

Chevonne – School Chaplain)


We hope you all received your Disco Forms which were sent home yesterday. More forms are available in the front office. We hope you can all make it to dance the night away.

Neon Glow Disco Poster


Get a FREE MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE – Buy today and 20% of the purchase goes directly to our fundraising cause.

Entertainment Membership Flyer


Looking for work or a career change? Can you see yourself working in a school? Need help to find work in the coronavirus craziness?

Schools and other organisations are regularly hiring people for the following roles:

  • Gardener, cleaner, administration, management, canteen, education assistants and many other roles.

Starting in July 2021, North Metropolitan TAFE are running a one-semester course on the skills required to be a successful candidate for employment in a school or elsewhere. The course aids in preparation for entry into gardening, cleaning, administration, management, education assistant and any other types of work.

We have had huge success supporting people to find work and the chances of gaining employment are strong. This course is suitable for existing gardeners, cleaners, administrators etc., and people looking to change career or people looking for a return to work.

The course includes:

  • Training in skills specific to the role you are interested in e.g. IT skills
  • Work experience in a school or other organisation
  • Help and support to find work
  • Help accessing further training as required e.g. Certificate III in Education Support
  • Development of your job application cover letter, resume and help with selection criteria

Entry requirements:

  • 18+
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good oral and written communication
  • Must be able to read procedures, safety sheets and chemical bottles
  • Must be able to send and receive emails
  • Successful completion of an entry interview
  • Working With Children Check and a Department of Education Clearance

Course details:

  • Dates – Starts Wed 21st of July and finishes Thu 9th of Dec 2021 (20 weeks)
  • Days – 3 days per week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:15 until 2:45
  • Cost – Approximately $170 (subject to change) total course fee for full 20 weeks
  • Location – North Metro TAFE Leederville and on work experience
  • Qualification – GATE (Gaining Access to Training and Employment) Certificate I


If you would be interested in this course then please email:

Trudy Smith


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for further details on the following community events:

  • Containers for Change
  • Neon Glow Disco – P&C Fundraiser
  • Sprint Fast Athletics Clinic
  • Multicourse Parent Flyer – Behaviour Tonics
  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
  • Subiaco Family Fun Day
  • MBA – Holiday Camp


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