We are now in the second half of Term 3 – our SMARTS term in so many ways.

I am sure you will agree that our SMARTS Day was truly memorable.  An enormous thank you to all our activity leaders who made the day educational for all students.

The catering was a delight, thanks to the skills of Mrs Everall who, together with Ms Randell also organised the day with the help of their team members.  It is little wonder that our school is so sought after by parents!!  Thank you to everyone involved.

This week is Book Week and activities are happening every day.  Book week will culminate with our Book Week assembly on Friday.  Again, what a fabulous opportunity for students to use their SMARTS by being involved and parents may use their SMARTS to help dress students in their special book character.

This term we have more SMARTS during Athletics carnival session such as jumps, throws, cross country, running and numerous team games.

Towards the end of term, we have a Science incursion for our many science SMARTS students.

What a fabulous school we have with so many students demonstrating lots of different SMARTS


The School Board is made up of parents, staff and community members.  Parent representatives, number 6 and each serves for 3 years with the option to re-nominate.  At the end of 2023, 3 members will complete their time and two have generously agreed to re-nominate. This means we will have 1 vacant position for 2024.

Although members re-nominate, they still need to be voted back if there is more than one person who nominates for the current vacant position.

The Principal oversees the process of election and calls for nominations.  If you would like to nominate, please either ring to speak to Dr Roberts or complete the attached form and return by Week 10, September 8 3:00pm.  This will allow for voting to take place should we require it.

Currently, the Board is made up as follows:

  • Parent Representatives: Nicole Arnold (Chair), Loveinder Madahar, Keely Mundle, David Peacock, Salvatore Siciliano, and Chris Jones
  • Staff Representatives: Andrew Etheridge, Liz Everall and Steph Germano
  • Community Members: Claire Hall and Jessica Stojkovski
  • Principal: Dr Irma Roberts

Nomination form


Name: David Peacock

Length of Service on the Board: 5th Year

Background: Industrial Chemist with too many years’ experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in quality assurance, sterile manufacturing, and corporate governance. Currently masquerading as a domestic engineer and general home maintenance handyman in between pharma consulting work.

Kids at HPPS: Ashlee in yr3 and Sienna in yr6.

Interests: Most things outdoors and away from domestic engineering duties, including motorcycling, fishing and 4wding when the opportunity permits. I am also a passionate Eagles supporter, like to build, modify, and fix stuff (usually which I broke) and wear Active Wear a couple times a week to create the illusion of living a healthy lifestyle.

Reason for joining the Board: I saw this as a great opportunity to keep in the loop on what was happening and planned for the school whilst contributing where I could.


  • For their own safety, if walking or riding, Students should come straight to school from home and NOT deviate. The same applies from school to home.
  • Unless catching public transport or it is canteen day, Students should not bring money to school.
  • As many students have dietary requirements, Students are not permitted to share food.


In our Hawker Headlines 26 July 2023, parents were provided a link to the Minister of Education’s statement against violence.  Action 9 refers to online communication and that Principals are to give a clear message to parents about expectations.

Parents, if you are using any form of social media, please remember to be respectful of your comments and never name persons or students from this school as you may be challenged with a defamation action against you should the named person or the named child’s parents wish to bring this against you.

For another poster Connect and Respect, please go to: Connect and Respect (


To assist with our School and class planning for 2024, please inform Admin ASAP if you know that your child/ren will not be returning to Hawker Park Primary School in the coming year. This does not apply to our current Year 6 students.

Thank you


Tuesday 29 August and Thursday 31 August.

On Friday All children will receive a programme for next week’s Carnival and children will be told what divisions they are in and if they have been selected for throw and jumps.

Tuesday Morning 29 August, selected students only will participate in jumps, throws and 200 & 400m championship races in the morning.

If reserves are required, we will endeavour to inform parents of these changes before the events.

Tuesday Afternoon 29 August, ALL Students (1-6) will participate in the faction cross country commencing at 1:30pm unless they have a note. There will be six events

Junior (years 1/2) Boys 600m, Junior (years 1/2) Girls 600m,

Junior track

Intermediate (years 3/4) Boys 1000m, Intermediate (years 3/4) Girls 1000m,

Senior Boys(5/6) 1000m, Senior Girls(5/6) 1000m

Intermediate/Senior Track

All children who compete will be adding points to help their faction win the coveted Faction Cross Country shield

Main Carnival

Our main carnival takes place on Thursday commencing at 10:00am. All children participate in team game rotations during the morning and have a running race in the afternoon.

Some children will also participate in relay events.

Please note that children who finish 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th in the “A” Division running races on Thursday will be selected to represent the school at the Interschool Athletics Carnival,

along with those who are selected from Tuesday’s throws and jumps. Some children will be nominated as reserves but will only attend the interschool carnival if required.

Weather   The forecast for the week looks good.

Volunteers – If there are any parents who could assist on the day, primarily in the afternoon as place judges please leave your number with the office.


Andrew Etheridge


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

A parent laptop information session for the current year three students will be held at 7pm on Monday 28 August (week 7) in the Hawker Hub.  We invite all year three parents to come along to hear the outline of our year 4,5,6 laptop program and for device requirements. A representative from JB HIFI will also be on hand to speak about the school‘s BYOD portal and purchasing options. There is of course no compulsion to buy from JB Hifi, however laptops need to conform to the Apple and Window specs of the school.

If you are unable to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact myself to discuss our 1:1 laptop program for 2024 personally.


Andrew Etheridge


Hello everyone.

I would like to share with you some information that I found helpful and may be helpful for your children to understand the difference between excellence and perfection.

Excellence!                    Perfection!

According to some researchers, perfectionism is used by many people as a shield to protect against the pain of blame, judgment and shame. At the heart of perfectionism is the fear that if a mistake is made that it might make you less successful, likeable or even less worthy.

Big Life Journal has an amazing learning tool that has 7 ways to combat perfectionist thinking.

  1. Redefine success
  2. Challenge thinking
  3. Explain the brain muscle
  4. Talk about mistakes
  5. Focus on leaning from mistakes
  6. Reframing grades
  7. Encourage self-compassion

See the link for more information on these 7 ways that may be helpful for children to have a healthy view of learning and excellence instead of the potential unrealistic perfectionism.

For parents this blog may be helpful too.

Cheers to our wonderful Hawker Park families

Alyse Anderson

YouthCARE Chaplain


SPORTS CARNIVAL fun is almost upon us for another year 🥳 Thursday Aug 31

Have you got the day off work? Booked the grandparent cheer squad? Dusted off the camp chairs and picnic baskets ready to set up for a day of competitive cheer? Don’t forget your active wear in faction colours to take part in the best events of the day- parents vs students!!! 🤪

Will Paterson continue its winning blue streak? Will Lawson make a comeback or will Gilmore FINALLY hold up the elusive trophy 💙❤️💚

So many things to look forward to 🙌🏽 see photos

Carol’s Retro coffee van will be there alongside the best cake stall in town.

Watch this space for a roster to run the stall. All cake/biscuit/savouries and jam donations will be gladly accepted 🍩🍪🎂🍰🧁🥧

2023 P&C Events (


The P&C now have new bank details:

Main Account: BSB 066 192 Account 1066 6555 – this will be the usual account for fundraising events

Uniform Account: BSB 066 192 Account 1066 6571 – this account is for anything uniform related

DID YOU KNOW THAT – vaping is dangerous!!

E-cigarettes, vaping and school communities; Parent information session

Vaping is a growing concern for parents and school communities.  Hawker Park in conjunction with the Department’s Road Safety and Drug Education Branch will be hosting, E-cigarettes, vaping and school communities: Parent information session on:

Tuesday 29 August 2023, 6:00 to 7:00pm.

We are unable to hold the event unless there are enough numbers.

This presentation explores current information and research on e-cigarettes and vaping, including:

  • commonly used vaping devices
  • WA laws
  • prevalence of vaping among young people
  • health and safety concerns
  • how schools are addressing vaping and the role of parents
  • communicating with children and young people about vaping
  • resources and supports for parents

Please let your children/s teachers know if you will be attending.


Term 3

Week 6

23 Aug – Hawker Headlines

23 Aug – Book swap

25 Aug – Book week assembly

25 Aug – Diorama winners announced.

Week 7

28 Aug – P&C Fathers Day stall

29 Aug – Faction Jumps, throws & runs

29 Aug – X Country—Faction

29 Aug – Vaping information session

31 Aug – P&C Father’s Day & Cake Stall

31 Aug – Faction Carnival

31 Aug – Yr6 BBQ

Week 8

4 Sep – ACER testing

4 Sep – Brightpath writing

5 Sep – P&C Meeting

6 Sep – Hawker Headlines

7 Sep – TA4 Assembly

8 Sep – Silly scientist incursion 10am (PP-6)


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:


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