During our last Assembly, Thursday 6 June, we watched our highly talented and confident TA4 students run the assembly.  For their item, I know I speak on behalf of our school community, when I say how delighted we all were to hear the FABULOUS and RELEVANT kindness song our Year 1/2 students sang and moved to.  I am sure we all learned from our artistic stars.  They were brilliant!  Thank you, students and staff for the quality entertainment.

Our aim is to keep assemblies to 30 minutes, consequently the siren is sounded at 8:25am on assembly days so students are seated and ready to start at 8:30am.

We are into our first week of Interm-Swimming and all appears to be progressing smoothly thanks to the organisation of Mr Etheridge and co-operation of all staff, students and parents. Yesterday, we nearly lost a pair of pants, after losing one sock, but luckily, they were found!!

Semester Reports will be emailed home on Friday 21 June.  There should not be any surprises but if you have any questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher before the end of term Friday 28 June.



Our next School Board Meeting on Wednesday 7 August at 6:00pm will be a Public Meeting.  The Board members invite parents to join them for this meeting.  You will see how meetings are conducted and what is discussed.

May’s Board minutes are now available on the website:

School Board


SCHOOL PROCESSES – Shared Leadership Model at HPPS

When we talk of Leadership, it is more than just the Principal and Associate Principal.  At HPPS we believe in and implement a shared Leadership Model. One of the main advantages of this model is the continuation of outstanding programmes at the school, regardless of who or where the Principal is. Another positive is utilising the numerous interests, knowledge and talents of our outstanding staff thus ensuring intrinsic motivation and reward.

Programmes and Shared Leadership are additional to normal staff teaching roles teachers undertake.

For numerous years, we have had a focus on Students with Educational Needs (SEN) under the leadership of Mrs Everall in her capacity as Level 3 teacher. Mrs Everall also co-ordinates and leads the Speak Up Awards, SMARTS programme, Book Week, Harmony Week, Aboriginal Mural and more and works in the office on Thursday and Friday.

To build on work already established, this year and for the next few years, we will continue to focus on SEN but on the Gifted and Talented students also.  Through differentiation of content, process and product at the classroom level, we will focus on catering for our more capable students.  The Gifted and Talented programme is under the leadership of Ms Randell, a Level 3 Teacher, and under the SEN umbrella.  Ms Randell is released from class half a day each Thursday and generally coaches Teachers to cater for the capable students.  Ms Randell also leads Spelling, Make a Move, is instrumental in trialling a new Maths programme and has been the site Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) officer for some years.

Again, under the SEN umbrella, we have a Mental Health programme co-ordinated and led by Mrs Sherriff who is released for half a day each Thursday. This programme has been operating for about five years.  Mrs Sherriff works with SEDERA and under her leadership we have achieved Gold States. Both Ms Randell and Mrs Sherriff work with Mrs Everall so we have a streamlined and co-ordinated approach when catering for our students’ needs.

Neurodiversity is a new area for HPPS although we started professional learning to upskill staff from the beginning of 2023 and continue.  Our leader for Neurodiversity is Mrs Tessler but she is not released from classroom duties.  Again, Neurodiversity is under the SEN umbrella lead by Mrs Everall.

Mr Etheridge leads everything that an Associate Principal normally does including extension groups, ICT, sport and too many areas to name.

We have Mrs Subotic who leads the music programme, Mrs McAdam who leads Indonesian, Mrs Barrett who leads the Physical Education programme and running club together with Miss Armstrong. Miss Armstrong and Mrs Dobson are also involved and lead the sport and athletics.

Mrs Jones leads the Early Childhood group together with Mrs Tessler and Miss Germano.  Mrs Jones also leads and assesses the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood K-2.

Each teacher is allocated to a learning area which is reviewed during and at the end of the year by a learning area leader, in readiness for adjustments and implementation the following year.

As you can see from above, we believe in and have a Shared Leadership Model for the school where we share responsibilities and collaborate to make decisions that are in the best interests of students.

Continuing with our shared leadership model and to implement the D0E’s Quality Teaching Strategy, we have chosen two teachers to lead the Teach Well programme.  These teachers are Mrs Jones and Miss Germano. Teach Well builds on what we have already undertaken in Impact For Teaching and is considered a robust and comprehensive approach due to its flexibility, student-centered focus, and emphasis on professional development. However, integrating elements of ISTAR and TAPPLE (teaching strategies) enhances the overall effectiveness of teaching strategies by combining structured, consistent lesson delivery with active engagement and formative assessment. This integrated approach leverages the strengths of all strategies, aligning with the core principles of Teaching for Impact and ensuring the best possible outcomes for student learning.  As a school we take parts from programmes and adapt them to suit our student needs thus encouraging teacher autonomy to gain the best learning outcomes.

In a small school, most teachers have the opportunity to lead in so many different ways as we implement our Shared Leadership Model.



  • if your child is away for any reason you can notify the school via Connect
  • student semester reports will be emailed home on Friday 21 June
  • dogs are not allowed on school property
  • nail polish is for out of school hours
  • students should be bringing a drink bottle to school every day to fill from drink fountains
  • Mobiles- All children need to hand in their mobiles to the office for safe keeping at the beginning of the day
  • message watches are not to be used during school time



Last Wednesday 12 June, we had the pleasure of having 16 SEDA College students run a cricket clinic with students. Everyone had a great time!



Kindy 2025 enrolments close on Friday 19 July, which is the end of week 1 next term. If you know of anyone whose child is born between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, please let them know that enrolments close soon. As Kindergarten is a non-compulsory year at school, we make plans for how classes are structured based on the number of students enrolled as of the closing date. Sometimes there may still be places available for latecomers, however, we do not always have the space to accommodate them. Therefore, lodging enrolments before the closing date is of paramount importance.



Week 10:

17-21 Jun – Swimming lessons

19 Jun – Hawker Headlines

21 Jun – Reports emailed home

Week 11:

24-28 Jun – Swimming lessons



Term 3: Monday 15 July – Friday 20 September

Term 4: Monday 7 October – Thursday 12 December


Term 3: Saturday 21 September to Sunday 6 October

Term 4: Friday 13 December to Tuesday 4 February (inclusive)





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