I hope Mothers’ Day last Sunday was relaxing and you received well-deserved recognition on the day.  The P&C members had a strong response to their Mothers’ Day Stalls and on behalf of our School Community, I thank them for their time and enthusiasm.

Our Science room (adjoining the music room) upgrade is now complete thanks to grant money that we applied for and were successful in gaining.  The new furniture should arrive by the end of term with resources coming as we order it.

The School Board open meeting, starting at 6:00pm, will be held this evening in the Hawker Hub.  You are welcome to attend.  If you have any questions, these may be directed through the School Board Chair, Nicole Arnold, before the meeting.

We have our first Reconciliation Action Plan meeting, under the direction of Dr Daniel Vujcich, on Wednesday 24 May in the Hawker Hub from 3:00-4:00pm.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered to be on the committee.

As many of you would be aware, there are six seasons in Aboriginal Culture, The first two seasons on the mural have been completed and look bright and informative.  The completed section has been paid for by the school and we hope that, by applying for funding through the Aboriginal artist, the remainder will be covered.

We acknowledge Bunnings for working with the Kindergarten students in establishing three gardens of vegetables and herbs this week and worm farms soon.  All tools were provided and plants donated as were the pots for Mothers’ Day.  Thank you, Bunnings!

Our Gallery – Hawker Primary School (

Congratulations P&C members under the leadership of Cassy O’Sullivan; they organised the 80’s Quiz night that is now SOLD OUT!!


Interschool Winter Sport starts this Friday.  All the year 6 students play and students from years 5 and 4 are selected on merit.  Students play netball, soccer and football.  We encourage students to play their best to win, but more importantly is the development of good sportsmanship, keeping in mind respect, kindness and manners.



For your information the Australian Government eSafetyparent website gives advice for parents about determining the right age for their child to access different technologies. Help for your child to achieve a healthy balance in their online and offline activities and much more. Please view their website to learn more.


  • If we look for the positives in life, we will find them and if we look for the negatives, we will find those too so look for the positives and be happier
  • Children are still learning and need to know that swearing and inappropriate language is offensive and has no place in school
  • The P&C 80’s quiz night has sold out
  • Our next Assembly is TA 1 and the choir/classes singing are years 3 and 4.


Guess how many toys are in the jars!

Guesses for large Big W jar – Cost $1 per guess OR $2 for 3 guesses

Guesses for small Big W jar – Cost $0.50 per guess OR $1 for 3 guesses

Donated by Big W Kingsway

Guess the number of seeds to win a $50 Kmart gift card

Cost – $1 per guess or $2 for 3 guesses

Donated by Kmart Warwick

Coles raffle valued at $50

Cost – $1 per raffle ticket

Donated by Coles Warwick!

Come at Lunch time to guess on Tuesday and Thursday of week 5 and 6!

K-6 Included. Prizes will be given out on Friday the 2nd June.


On Tues 15 August 2023 our school will be holding a SMARTS ACTIVITY DAY!

On ‘SMARTS DAY’ the students in Year P to 6 at our school are placed into multi-aged groups of around twelve students. The students rotate through four sessions of their choice throughout the day.

SMARTS DAY gives the children of Hawker Park Primary the opportunity to shine in the areas in which they choose. The whole day is about being creative, curious, and collaborative.

There is no extra cost for the students to participate. SMARTS DAY activities are based on the Multiple Intelligences wheel as included above. To be able to plan for our SMARTS ACTIVITY DAY we need 16 leaders from a combination of Teachers, Education Assistants and Parents from our school and community to lead each of the activities.

If you or someone you know would like to lead a group and shine a light on a new strength, talent or gift then please complete the form attached and return to in Term 2 and by 13 May.


Take time to thoughtfully consider all factors before volunteering. Lunch will be provided on the day for all group leaders. An example of a previous year’s selection pamphlet is also attached to give you an idea of how the activities are presented. We try to keep costs to a minimum where possible by sourcing materials through recycling.

We look forward to the excitement that this day brings to everyone involved.

Thank you

Liz Everall, Felicity Randell

SMARTS DAY co-ordinators



Dear parents,

 The City to Surf running event is coming up on Sunday the 27th of August. We would love to get anyone who is interested, involved to complete the 4km or 12km run/ walk. Mrs Barrett and Miss Armstrong will be participating on the day and would love to complete it with some HPPS students and parents. Parents must register and accompany their child during the event. Please email if you are interested and are planning on registering. Once we have an idea of who is joining in there will be more information on where HPPS will meet on the day.

Thank you,

 Miss Armstrong and Mrs Barrett


If you have a little spare time and could cover a few library books, come and visit me in the library on Thursday or Friday afternoons.

Any amount of help would be much appreciated.

With thanks, Mrs Keevil



  • Open to Year 1-6 Students across WA.
  • Submit your entry by 31 October 2023.
  • Top 12 finalists will be displayed at the YouthCARE Art Exhibition
  • The Winner will be announced 8 December 2023.
  • 1st Prize $200 voucher
  • 2nd Prize $100 voucher
  • 3rd Prize $50 voucher

YouthCare Art competition


Term 2 – Student Planner

Week 4

16 May – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

17 May – Hawker Headlines

17 May – Hills Forest excursion Yr3/5 all day

18 May – Assembly TA1

19 May – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

19 May – P&C Day

19 May – Interschool away—Halidon

Week 5

22 May – Yr 6 Toy in a jar count starts

23 May – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

24 May – World of Maths incursion (P-6)

26 May – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

26 May – Interschool home – Glendale

Week 6

29 May – Drama smarts burst

30 May – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

31 May – Hawker Headlines

2 Jun – Yr 6 Toy in a jar count ends

2 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy & PP)

2 Jun – Interschool away—Marangaroo


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:

  • HPPS Playgroup – Every Monday (during school term) 8.30-10.30am
  • Warwick Senior High School – Year 5 Buzz Day – Friday 23 June
  • Warwick Senior High School – Year 5 – Free Dance classes
  • Hello High School – Scotch College’s Memorial Hall, Swanbourne – 1 November 2023, 6-7.30pm
  • Epee Fencing – 50% discount for the first 4 weeks


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