Congratulations to our Year 2, TA3 for a fantastic assembly last Thursday. The students were outstanding, confident and made up their own words for their Mums. Well done students and teachers. Thank you all parents who were able to be present and I hope mums you had a happy Mothers’ Day.

We had a wonderful Cross Country last Friday with perfect weather. Our students and guest students were great. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend and a huge thank you to Mr Etheridge, Mrs Dobson and Chevonne for organising and helping on the day.

We thank a very generous parent, Petia Boyanov, for making the beautiful wreath for our ANZAC service recently. A huge thank you Petia.


End of Semester Reports will be emailed on Friday 25 June (Week 10). This allows one week for you to speak to classroom teachers if you wish to. Please ensure that the email address we have at school is correct and for people who are co-parenting and require multiple report copies please inform the office and supply your email addresses.

Kindergarten reports will focus on social and emotional development. As these are printed copies they will be handed out in class on an appropriate Kindy day.

Pre-primary reports will have personalised comment and level for English and Mathematics along with a general comment, Science will have a generic comment and level.

On the Year 1-6 report, all learning areas will have an achievement level. The Music, Science, LOTE and PE teachers will write a generic comment and classroom teachers will write a personalised comment for English, Mathematics and general comment.

The achievement levels are as follows:

  • A       Excellent
    The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for the year level.
  • B       High
    The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for the year level.
  • C        Satisfactory (Expected)
    The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for the year level
  • D       Limited
    The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for the year level
  • E        Very Low
    Teachers have been asked to contact parents before the semester reports are sent home if they are giving a D level.

At our school, we do not give E levels as these students are usually on an Individual Education Plan.

Please note that a C level is given to most students as the achievement is what we expect from students in the learning area for the particular year.


Hawker Park did incredibly well in last week’s Interschool Cross Country, coming 2nd Place overall out of the six schools.

It was a tremendous team effort and we are very proud of all of our runners. Additionally, we had three children who won Gold medals for winning their events, they were;


Interschool sports takes place during term 2 with two soccer and two netball teams

Students select which type of sporting activity they wish to be involved in but this does not guarantee interschool participation. We usually only have students in years five and six but occasionally we will ask students from year four to be involved.  Our first game is at HPPS on Friday 17 May. Children who have been selected will received a note today.

We have two games at home and two games at other schools which will involve a bus fare for those selected. There is also a full day carnival for the teams on Friday 25 June.

We wish all the children the best in the weeks to come.


Apply to enrol your child/ren at Hawker Park Primary School (K-6) for the 2022 school year by downloading a copy of the Application Form from our website or alternatively come to the front office of Hawker Park Primary School to collect.

Please make sure that you have applied to enrol your child as soon as you can. Submitting your application promptly will allow us to commence planning of classes for the coming year.

  • Kindergarten – must turn 4 by June 30, 2022
  • Pre-primary – must turn 5 by June 30, 2022

* Children currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Hawker Park Primary School need to re-enrol if wishing to continue in Pre-primary at the school in 2022. Application forms for these students will be sent home in due course.

* Children currently enrolled at Hawker Park Primary School who have a sibling of Kindy age for 2022 must still apply as this is not automatic. For Kindergarten we have a limit of 20 students per group therefore enrolments are accepted as they are received.

If you have a neighbour or friend whose child will be turning 4 before 30 June 2022, please remind them to complete an application form before the end of term 2.

Submit your Application Form for enrolment at the school as soon as possible and provide copies of:

  • your child’s birth certificate (the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate)
  • your child’s Immunisation History Statement (This can be obtained through your My Gov account)
  • proof of your current address (e.g. recent accounts for electricity, water and telephone, bank details)


  • the School Board meeting will be on Wednesday 12 May at 6:00pm
  • NAPLAN testing for years 3 and 5 is this week
  • the school has new website. Please keep in mind that final adjustments are still being made
  • dogs are not permitted on the school grounds
  • school water fountains are still only to be used to fill students water bottles
  • Friday is “Walk Safely to School Day”
  • our children are rewarded for being honest – If they find loose change and hand it into the front office and it is not claimed by the end of the term they get to keep it


Over the upcoming weeks we will be asking for donations of resources to help with our SMARTS Day. At this stage we are asking for cardboard cylinders of any size (except toilet rolls) and Pop Top Lids. If you have any to donate, please drop them off to Admin.

Thank you in anticipation


We’ve been very busy in the Music Room.

Different years have been exploring different concepts of music.

  • Year 1 and 2 students are exploring concepts of beat, rhythm and pitch.
  • Year 2 students are using pop sticks to practice ‘writing’ rhythms.
  • Year 3-6 students are exploring the concept of timbre.
    • Year 3 have been exploring the string family,
    • Year 4 the woodwinds family and
    • Years 5 and 6 the percussion family.

Students across all grades enjoyed practicing their assembly songs. We rehearsed the new version of the national anthem and analysed the meaning of the lyrics.

At the end of each term the students have the opportunity to demonstrate their performance skills in our mini Talent Show.

Our awesome choir students work hard to learn 10 songs that they are going to sing at the Perth Arena on Friday 20 August at the One Big Voice Festival.

We are looking forward to the Specialist’s assembly that will happen in Term 3.


We hope everyone loved their gifts from the gorgeous mother’s day stall put together for another year by Karen Hadfield. Thanks to all the mums who helped at the stall and who donated gifts too.

Next on the calendar is a DISCO!  Friday 11 June get your glow and neon on for some footloose fun! Watch out for ticket info and details coming out soon.

You can also dust off your tuxedos and frocks in readiness for a bit of Casino Royale style parent fun in October. We missed out last year so let’s make up for it this year. The focus will be more on fun and less on fundraising.

The P&C have made a bit of a wish list for current and future spending. Has there been something you’ve noticed we need for our students? Come along and let us know or send a message to

We can’t wait for the new community hub to be done, the building looks like it’s coming along well! Our meetings will be held in there and it means we can also hopefully offer daytime meetings at around 2pm for those who can’t come in the evenings. It will be such a nice place for student support services to do their work (School psych/Speech Pathologists/OT’s/Nurse) as well as for the school to hold meetings and events. It may even be hired out to community groups!

Our next meeting is Wednesday 9 June. Please feel welcome to come along and have a listen or provide some input.


P&C President


Every year in Western Australia we use 1.3 billion drink containers. Containers for Change commenced in WA in late 2020 and is a recycling program which aims to increase recovery and recycling, and reduce litter and landfill.

The system works like this…

  1. Collect your drink containers

Most plastic, aluminium, glass, steel and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible, but milk and wine bottles are a no. Remember to remove all lids and return these separately.

  1. Drop off your containers to a refund point

Visit the Containers for Change website to find your best refund point. There are three close by in Balcatta.

  1. Donate your refund using the Hawker Park P&C scheme ID

We receive 10c per container which will be spent on exciting things for our students to enjoy, like fun incursions and play equipment. This is made even easier by using the handy key-tag that you got with this letter. Many thanks to Jessica Stojkovski MLA for donating one key tag per Hawker Park Family.

These containers are recycled into things like aeroplane wings, hard hats and even new drink containers. By participating in this initiative, we will not only be encouraging recycling but also boosting funds for our school. We look forward to having the school community involved!

To find out more visit

Containers For Change Flyer


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for further details on the following community events:

    • Containers for Change
    • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
    • Subiaco Family Fun Day
    • Kingsway Jnr Clinics
    • Walk Safely to School Day
    • Warwick Senior High School – Enrolments Open & Walk through 10am Tuesdays


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