Clever pre-primary students!! For those of you who were able to attend our last School Assembly, I am sure you would agree, we were thoroughly entertained by our brilliant, cute and confident pre-primary students. The messages of “Spreading Sunshine” were so beautiful and relevant and a great reminder to all about our values of Respect Kindness and Manners. An enormous thank you to Mrs Jones, Mrs Tessler, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Curry and Miss Collins for preparing the students so thoroughly. The ‘hearts’ were gorgeous!

Congratulations to our Cross Country Team who won the competition last Friday. Students from all schools ran well and behaved beautifully while at Hawker Park Primary School. Thank you everyone involved including students, parents, staff and especially Mr Etheridge, Mrs Barrett and Miss Armstrong for helping to train our students.

Yesterday and today, our teachers and teachers from the same year levels at Glendale P.S, East Hamersley P.S and Warwick SHS met for mathematics professional learning with Dr Paul Swan. The Hawker Hub provided a fabulous space for this professional learning to occur and it was lovely to hear the little playgroup children having fun next door on Tuesday morning!

This afternoon staff were provided the opportunity to attend First Aid training from 3:00 – 4:30, again in our Hawker Hub. What a wonderful space this is!


In the last Hawker Headlines, I mentioned talking about some Programmes and Shared Leadership that are additional to normal staff teaching roles, that we have at our fabulous school. I am very aware that many of you know this already but some may not so the aim is to try to keep our whole parent body informed. 

This year and for the next few years, through differentiation of content, process and product at the classroom level, we will focus on catering for our more capable students often referred to as gifted and talented. This focus builds on the wonderful work we have done for capable students and continue to do for students in need, led by Mrs Everall in her capacity as Level 3 Teacher and Students at Educational Need (SEN) leader. Mrs Everall also co-ordinates and leads the SMARTS programme, Book Week, Harmony Week and more and works in the office on Thursdays and Fridays.

The Gifted and Talented programme, catering for capable students, is co-ordinated and led this year, by Ms Randell who is released from class half a day each Thursday.  Ms Randell also leads Spelling and has been the site Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) officer for some years.

Already we have a Mental Health programme co-ordinated and led by Mrs Sherriff who is released for half a day each Thursday. Both Ms Randell and Mrs Sherriff work with Mrs Everall so we have a streamlined and co-ordinated approach when catering for our students’ needs.

Mr Etheridge leads everything that an Associate Principal normally does including extension groups, ICT and too many areas to name.

We have Mrs Subotic who leads the music programme, Mrs McAdam who leads Indonesian, Mrs Barrett who leads the Physical Education programme and running club together with Miss Armstrong.

Both Miss Armstrong and Mrs Jeffries co-ordinate our Facebook.

Mrs Jones leads the Early Childhood group together with Mrs Tessler and Miss Germano. Mrs Jones also leads and assesses the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood K – 2.

Each teacher is allocated to a learning area which is reviewed during and at the end of the year by a learning area leader, in readiness for adjustments and implementation the following year.

As you can see from above, we believe in and have a Shared Leadership Model for the school where we share responsibilities and collaborate to make decisions that are in the best interests of students.


Even though applications have officially closed, we still have places available in our Kindergarten program for 2023. If you have or know of someone’s child that is due to start Kindy in 2023, please get your application in before places fill up


To assist with our current planning for 2023 would you please inform Admin as soon as possible if you know that your child will not be returning to Hawker Park Primary School in the coming year. This does not apply to our current Year 6 students. Please reply to


“On Friday the 29th of July, Hawker Park hosted the inter-school cross country. We competed against Glendale, Marangaroo, Halidon, Dalmain and Goollelal.

Our marshals did a really good job, considering no one got lost.

Our runners were amazing, and they helped us win!!! Some stand out runners were: Hudson (junior champion boy), Allaria (intermediate champion girl), Ezra (intermediate runner up boy) and Beau (champion senior boy).

 A big thanks needs to go to Miss Armstrong, Mrs Barrett and Mr Etheridge for training our team.

Thanks to everyone who competed, you did an amazing job. We are so excited that Hawker Park won!

Thanks Hawker Park.

By Saphira and Isla

Gallery – School Events – Interschool Cross Country


  • Mrs Stangoni is running Sewing Club in the Snr Wet Area during 2nd Lunch, every Wednesday and Miss Armstrong on Friday same time, same place. This ran last year with great success and was recommended by the students for it to be run again
  • Mrs Kowol kindly donated a sewing machine for the children to use in sewing club Term 4
  • Ms Randell conducts STEM projects on Thursday during her lunchtime for keen students for year 4-6
  • according to the School Uniform Policy developed by the School Board
    • Nail polish must not be worn to school
    • Nails must be short
    • Shoulder length hair must be tied back
    • School jackets or navy blue jackets may be worn to school but NOT coloured jackets
  • there are lots of jackets are in lost property
  • the Yr. 3’s and Yr. 4’s will be singing the Community Song at the Assembly on 25 Aug


Week 4
• 11 Aug – Sausage Sizzle  
• 12 Aug – State Cross Country (selected students)
• 12 Aug – Warm Farm Incursion – TA3/TA4

Week 5
• 17 Aug – Excursion “WA Art Gallery” – TA3 & TA4
• 19 Aug – School Cross Country (1:10pm)

Week 6
• 22 – 26 Aug – Book Week – Please see Book Week Program of Activities
• 24 Aug – Hawker Headlines 
• 25 Aug – Assembly Yr.3/TA4 (Year 3’s and 4’s will be singing the Community Song)

Week 7
• 30 Aug – Sports Carnival – Jumps and Throws (am)
• 01 Sept – Sports Faction Carnival


Thank you to those families who have liked our schools Facebook page and completed the permission for their child/ren.

For those that have yet to do so please click on the link below. We would appreciate if this is completed regardless of a yes or no permission by Friday 5 August.

Facebook Permission Link


Hawker Park Playgroup is running every Tuesday between 8:35am – 10:30am in the Hawker Hub. Come and join in the fun. All children from 0-5 are welcome.

Playgroup Poster


Friday, 19 August will be our faction cross country competition and all children are encouraged to practise for this event both at school and at home when possible. On the day all children will be asked to wear their faction T-shirt.

We will be commencing after lunch, weather permitting, with the first race starting at approximately 1:10pm in the following divisions.

Junior Boys (yrs. 1 – 2) 600m
Junior Girls (yrs. 1 – 2) 600m
Intermediate Boys (yrs. 3 – 4) 1000m
Intermediate Girls (yrs. 3 – 4) 1000m
Senior Boys (yrs. 5 – 6) 1000m
Senior Girls (yrs. 5 – 6) 1000m

600m Course Map

1000m Course Map

All children are expected to participate by running and/or walking.  Every child will be contributing points towards their faction’s total with extra points going to the first 20 in each event.

We will be concluding at approximately 2:30pm with presentations to the winning faction as well as junior, intermediate and senior medals. The top two children from years 4, 5, & 6 will also be entered into the Interschool Athletics 1000m events in the last week of the term.

All are welcome to come and cheer!


Andrew Etheridge


Last week each family should have received a Book Week Program

Book Week is a celebration of Australian children’s literature. Each year, schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, and Australian authors and illustrators.

Here at Hawker Park Primary School the Teachers, Educational Assistants and our Librarian, Mrs Joyce Keevil conduct many exciting activities and events relating to the Book Week national theme, this year being “Dreaming with eyes open,” to highlight the importance of reading.

If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact the front office on 9422 2000.

Book Week Program


The Walking School Bus is coming.

Our first Walking School Bus is proposed to commence on Wednesday 24 August, co-ordinated by Chris Jones.

Chris’s Map

A second Walking School Bus is proposed for Thursday 25 August, co-ordinated by Daniel Vujcich with further dates to be announced.

Daniel’s Map

If you are interested in your child participating, please complete the attached permission forms. Only children with completed permission forms may participate.

If you are willing to volunteer and assist with these routes, please fill in the bottom section of your child’s declaration or contact the school.

Further information will be supplied to those children who sign up.

Student Declaration / Parent Volunteer

Parent Permission


Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October school holidays.

VacSwim offers fun lessons at pool locations across WA. Not only is VacSwim a great school holiday activity, it also teaches valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Your children can start as young as five years old.

Places are limited, so get in early. Enrol your children in VacSwim now at



Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:

  • Kelmscott PS 140yr Celebration
  • Warwick / Greenwood Junior Cricket Club – Girls Cricket
  • VacSwim
  • HPPS Playgroup
  • Northern Lights Music WA
  • Daughters and Dads Cricket
  • Mercedes College Open Day
  • Charlesworth Ballet School
  • Kids Volley – Volleyball Clinic


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