A huge thank you to all the staff, students and parents who were involved in our Public School Review last Thursday. The reviewers were extremely impressed with what we do at the school and gave us deserved positive feedback. We expect the written report to be received in about three weeks. This report will be shared with the school community.

The Speak Up Awards last Friday were a fabulous success thanks to staff, students and parents. The students were a delight to listen to and we thank all students who participated and parents who attended the finals. An enormous thank you to Mrs Everall who organises this worthwhile event for the benefit of our students. We also thank our judges and especially Dianne Brennan, visiting High School Teacher, for volunteering her time.


We have numerous ways of communicating, consulting and informing our school community.

  • From the school we use Skoolbag, emails, Hawker Headlines, website, surveys, phone-calls, the white portable board and our Communication Policy developed with the School Board
  • From classrooms we use Dojo, emails, face-to-face meetings and phone-calls.


If you can think of better ways to communicate, consult or inform the school community, please give your suggestions to one of our parent School Board members. Parent School Board Members are – Loveinder Madahar, Meredith Green, Andrew Hadfield, David Peacock, Keely Mundle and Nicole Arnold.

Hawker Park Primary School – Communication Policy


Week 8

  • 10 Jun – Assembly TA7
  • 11 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy 2 / PP)
  • 11 Jun – Winter Sports @ Dalmain P.S (selected yr. 4/5/6’s)
  • 11 Jun – P & C Disco

Week 9

  • 14 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy 1)
  • 15 Jun – Make a Move – Phys Ed (yr. 1 – 6)
  • 17 Jun – SMARTS Day (PP – yr.6)
  • 18 Jun – SMARTS Assembly (Internal)
  • 18 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy 2 / PP)
  • 18 Jun – Interschool Sports @ Marangaroo P.S (selected yr. 4/5/6’s)

Week 10

  • 21 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy 1)
  • 22 Jun – Better Beginnings Library Visit (Kindy 1)
  • 22 Jun – Caversham Wildlife Excursion (PP)
  • 22 Jun – Make a Move Showcase (Yr. 1 – 6) – 1:15pm – 1:45pm
  • 24 Jun – Assembly TA5
  • 24 Jun – Dental Screening (selected students)
  • 25 Jun – Interschool Sports Carnival @ Halidon P.S (selected yr. 4/5/6’s)
  • 25 Jun – Better Beginnings Library Visit (Kindy 2)
  • 25 Jun – MBA Sports (Kindy 2 / PP)
  • 25 Jun – Reports emailed home.

Google Calendar


  • parents / guardians are required to contact the school office if their child/ren are absent or alternatively they can fill in an absentee form on the SkoolBag App
  • School reports will be emailed Friday 25 June to all registered email addresses. Please ensure that admin has been notified if this has changed
  • we have morning fitness Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Monday 19 July students do not attend as it is a School Development day
  • At our next Assembly June 10, years 1 & 2 will be singing our community song
  • At our June 24 Assembly years 3 & 4 will be singing our community song


We are putting out a final call for any donations of resources to help with our SMARTS Day. At this stage we are asking for:

  • cardboard cylinders of any size (except toilet rolls)
  • pop top bottles with lids.
  • coloured embroidery cotton threads
  • cotton Aida cross stitch fabric
  • dress up props – Hats, jackets, old glasses, walking sticks, ties and anything else you can think of (if you would like anything returned please label the items)
  • large outdoor games – Naughts and crosses, Twister, Connect 4 etc. (we can create a register for items needing to be returned if you are happy to lend them to us)
  • fishing line
  • pliers (for beading)
  • unwanted beaded jewellery

If you have any to donate, please drop them off to Admin.

Thank you in anticipation


Over the last 2 weeks every child (year 1 -6) had the opportunity to present a speech to their class. From those class speeches 3 children were selected to participate in the Speak up Award finals, which were held on Friday 4 June. Hawker Park PS would like to congratulate each and every one of those finalists.

  • Year 1 – Lilly, Hudson & Asha
  • Year 2 (TA2) – ZaZa, Ruth & Allaria
  • Year 2 (TA3) – Alex, Ellie & Owen
  • Year 3 – Simar, Theodore & Ezra
  • Year 4 – William, Jasmine & Noah
  • Year 5 – Emily, Isla & Chelsea
  • Year 6 – Taisiya, Alicia & Griffin


This term we have been busy with our learning.

Recently we had fun completing a scavenger hunt in our classroom where we learnt information about Earth`s place in space. We had to look all around the room to find the information cards and then answer questions about space.

We have also been creating art with our buddies. Together we have used Aboriginal designs to make bookmarks. Currently we are in the process of creating a collage. We began by drawing a bird using pencil then going over it with a black marker. We have now begun to collage our drawing by using a variety of paper types and ensuring we place each piece carefully to create our collage.

We were very lucky to have Mrs Barnes bring her therapy dog to school this week. We learnt what the purpose of a therapy dog is and how to treat him. He was very cute!

Learning Adventures TA7

Learning Adventures TA7

Learning Adventures TA7


Hawker Park Primary Schools Make a Move Showcase is happening on Tuesday 22 Jun from 1:15pm – 1:45pm in the Assembly Area. This performance is for all students in year 1 – 6 that have been working very hard each week collaborating, choreographing and practicing their routines. All parents are welcome to come along and watch.

Each class has a simple costume for their dance. Feel free to use items of clothing that you already have at home that are as close as possible to the description below. You are NOT required to buy any new items.

MAM Costume Information


Apply to enrol your child/ren at Hawker Park Primary School (K-6) for the 2022 school year by downloading a copy of the Application Form from our website or alternatively come to the front office of Hawker Park Primary School to collect.

Please make sure that you have applied to enrol your child as soon as you can. Submitting your application promptly will allow us to commence planning of classes for the coming year.

  • Kindergarten – must turn 4 by June 30, 2022
  • Pre-primary – must turn 5 by June 30, 2022

* Children currently enrolled in Kindergarten at Hawker Park Primary School need to re-enrol if wishing to continue in Pre-primary at the school in 2022. Application forms for these students will be sent home in due course.

* Children currently enrolled at Hawker Park Primary School who have a sibling of Kindy age for 2022 must still apply as this is not automatic. For Kindergarten we have a limit of 20 students per group therefore enrolments are accepted as they are received.

If you have a neighbour or friend whose child will be turning 4 before 30 June 2022, please remind them to complete an application form before the end of term 2.

Submit your Application Form for enrolment at the school as soon as possible and provide copies of:

  • your child’s birth certificate (the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate)
  • your child’s Immunisation History Statement (This can be obtained through your My Gov account)
  • proof of your current address (e.g. recent accounts for electricity, water and telephone, bank details)


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for further details on the following community events:

  • Containers for Change
  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program
  • Behaviour Tonic Program
  • BallForAll
  • MBA Holiday Program
  • Kindergarten Enrol Now
  • Pre Primary Enrol Now
  • Warwick Senior High School – Enrolments Now open


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