Welcome everyone, especially our new families and staff, to Term 1 2023.  We have had a wonderful start regardless of the warmer weather.  Children look happy and very smart in their uniforms, including hats, and trimmed hair – thank you parents/carers for these.

Unlike most years, we had several new enrolments right up to Tuesday, the last day before students started.  Luckily, through our forward planning, we had sufficient spaces available to accommodate our new families without having to restructure the school.

We have three new staff members this year – Jo DeLongis teaching Kindergarten on Wednesdays and Haley Kelly and Nadine Krauskopf, both in the front office.

The class structures and teachers are as follows:

K1 and K2            EC1         Kira Tessler

Pre-Primary        EC2         Tess Jones

Year 1                    TA1        Steph Germano

Year 1                    TA2        Codi Jeffries and Bev Stokes

Year 2                    TA3        Lesley Sherriff (and Mental Health – MH)

Year 3                    TA4        Liz Everall and Tracey Barrett

Year 4                    TA5        Alicia Martinovich and Emma Dobson

Year 4/5               TA7        Felicity Randell (and Gifted and Talented- G&T. Level 3 Teacher)

Year 6                    TA9        Rikki Armstrong

Science                 TA10      Ainslie Hazebroek

Music                                  Branka Subotic (and Pre-Primary Wednesdays)

Physical Education           Tracey Barrett

Indonesian                         Marlee McAdam

MH and G&T Release      Lisa Thomas

Extension                           Andrew Etheridge (and Associate Principal)

Students Ed Needs          Liz Everall (Level 3 Teacher)


We were delighted to see so many family members and friends attend both our Parent Information Evening and the Welcome Picnic yesterday evening.  Due to Covid, we had to cancel our picnic in the recent past.  The weather was kind to us, and it was such a joy talking to parents and children in the relaxed and informal setting.  We hope the evening was fun for all and thank you for continuing to make our school the respectful and friendly environment that it is. The cake was delicious too!!

Remember, if you have any questions or require clarification on anything happening at school and do not know who to ask, please ring the front office and one of us will be able to assist or re-direct your query.


As a reminder and for those new to the school, we use our Hawker Headlines to try to explain the processes we practice at the school.  Occasionally, we will undertake a process that you may not be familiar with and for this we apologise.  Remember, though, if you are not clear about something, please follow the process below, rather than social media pages, to ensure correct information.

Our process regarding information and clarification is as follows:

If the information/clarification relates to the classroom, please speak to classroom teachers first.

If the information/clarification relates to whole school, please speak to administrators in the front office.


Reminder that children should not be arriving at school before 8:15 as there is no organised supervision provided by school staff for children. Zig Zags offer a wonderful before and after school service at school for those who need to have their children supervised before this time.


  • If your child is absent, please advise the front office ASAP giving the reason by phone 9422 2000 OR text message via SkoolBag App OR dated signed note OR email to
  • Hawker Park Primary is a “Dog Free” Zone this is for health and safety reasons – and includes all Government Schools across the State
  • children should be dropped off and collected at Kindy and Pre-Primary by an adult


Term 1 – Student Planner

Week 3

15 Feb – P&C AGM

Week 4

22 Feb – Hawker Headlines

23 Feb – Assembly TA9

Week 6

6 Mar – Labour Day public holiday

8 Mar – Hawker Headlines

8 Mar – WACCSO P&C Training

9 Mar – Assembly TA5

Week 7

15 Mar – NAPLAN starts

15 Mar – Harmony week begins

Week 8

20 Mar – NAPLAN continues

20 Mar – Harmony week continues

22 Mar – Hawker Headlines

Week 9

27 Mar – NAPLAN finishes

30 Mar – Assembly TA

Week 10

5 Apr – Hawker Headlines

6 Apr – ANZAC day service

6 Apr – Students last day of Term 1



Keep your eyes peeled – photos are coming!


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:

  • HPPS Playgroup – Monday 20th February 8:35-9:45am


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