Welcome everyone, especially our new families and staff, to a new school year.  We have had a wonderful start despite the extreme heat and implemented our Heat Wave Policy.  Children look happy and very smart in their uniforms, including hats, and trimmed hair – thank you parents/carers for these.

We have very healthy numbers, 234, and our classes, (with the exception of year 4), are at or very near capacity.  Two familiar staff members join us this year – Tara Norwood and Bre Wills.

The class structures and teachers are as follows:

K1 and K2            EC2         Tess Jones/Jo DeLongis (Mrs Jones on sick leave for part of Term 1)

Pre-Primary        EC1         Steph Germano/Bre Wills

P/1                         TA1        Kira Tessler

Yr 1/2                    TA4        Tara Norwood/Bev Stokes

Yr 2                        TA3        Lesley Sherriff (and Mental Health – MH)

Yr 3                        TA5        Liz Everall/Tracey Barrett

Yr 4                        TA6        Emma Dobson/Bre Wills

Yr 5                        TA7        Felicity Randell (and Gifted and Talented- G&T. Level 3 Teacher)

Yr 5/6                    TA9        Rikki Armstrong

Science                                 Ainslie Hazebroek

Music                                   Branka Subotic

Physical Education           Tracey Barrett

Indonesian                         Marlee McAdam

MH and G&T Release      To Be Decided

Extension                            Andrew Etheridge (and Associate Principal)

Student Ed Needs-SEN   Liz Everall (Level 3 Teacher)


We were delighted to see so many family members and friends attend both our Parent Information Evening and the Welcome Picnic yesterday evening. The weather was kind to us, and it was such a joy talking to parents and children in the relaxed and informal setting.  We hope the evening was fun for all and thank you for continuing to make our school the respectful and friendly environment that it is. The cake was delicious!!  Thank you P&C for organising the food trucks – a great addition to our fabulous evening.

The P&C AGM will be held on February 13 at 7:00pm in the Hawker Hub.  We hope to see many new and familiar faces join this amazing group of parents who work tirelessly for the benefit of all our students.

We look forward to a successful and happy year practising our values of Respect, Kindness and Manners.


  • The only pieces of jewellery permitted at school are a standard watch and small earrings
  • Children take home uneaten food and wrappings
  • Dogs are not permitted on Public School properties
  • To contact the front office if your child is unwell
  • To contact the front office if there are changes to your child’s daily routine

P&C AGM Meeting

Tuesday 13 February – 7pm – Hawker Hub

All positions are available for nomination at every AGM.

Vacant volunteer positions with no nominees to date:

* P&C President.

* Executive members.

* Colour Run Coordinator.

* Scholastic book club volunteer.

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Cassy O’Sullivan
P&C President


Hello from Alyse, your YouthCARE Chaplain,

Your family, your school and online safety has become highlighted to me as I spend time with students.  At YouthCARE we have become so aware of this issue that we have a wonderful web site for parents to access, please see below.

Supporting every child’s digital journey with expert advice. Children today are growing up in an increasingly online world and it’s essential that we are doing all that we can to support and guide their digital journey. The Online Safety Hub supports the school community by providing practical insights and advice directly from internationally-renowned Online Safety & Digital Wellness Experts.

Get advice on the latest apps & games

Learn more about online safety topics

Get help with social media incidents

This site is very user friendly and simple and effective to quickly find information about the Technology that grabs our children’s attention.   Please take the time to protect your child.

Another site is the government eSafety site.

This is such an important site for families to look at.  Especially those like me who are a little older and not first-generation tech minded.


Alyse Anderson

YouthCARE Chaplain.

Hawker Park Primary


Week 4:

22 Feb – TA9 assembly

Week 6:

4 Mar – Labour Day Holiday

7 Mar – TA6 assembly

Week 7:

13 Mar – NAPLAN begins

Week 9:

18 Mar – Harmony week

21 Mar – International lunch

22 Mar – NAPLAN finishes

28 Mar – End Term 1


Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:


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