During our last Assembly, Thursday 23 May, the school community was privileged to be entertained by the most creative and confident year 3 students.  Under the direction of Mrs Everall and Mrs Barrett, our students adapted and personalised their clapping game highlighting the SMARTS of each child in the class.  I am sure I speak on behalf of all present when I congratulate the students and staff on an exceptional performance and beautifully run assembly.  Thank you all.


We had a successful Parent/Teacher meeting on Tuesday 28.  I wish to thank Nigel for working with us to ensure a smooth booking process.  Haley and Sandie made sure parents were fully informed and relief teachers were in place to free classroom teachers to conduct meetings with you, our parents.  I know teachers spent many hours preparing for meetings with Mr Etheridge organising for Brightpath reports being ready for distribution.  A very big thank you to parents who took advantage of either face-to-face or phone meetings.  I hope these were beneficial and informative for you.  Of a potential 226 meetings from K-6, teachers conducted 170 meetings.  Of these, 40 were by phone and 130 face-to-face.  30 parents had recently met with teachers during the past few weeks so did not avail themselves of another meeting.  11 (5%) parents had to cancel for various reasons on the day.  Overall, we are delighted so many parents (200 or 89%) took advantage of having the opportunity to talk with teachers about their child this term.  Thank you, parents and all staff involved.


As we have Parent/Teacher meetings in term 2, the end of semester reports will have a grade and a general comment.  Please ensure your email address is correct so when semester reports are emailed to you on Friday 21 June, you receive it.  Where parents require a report to go to two email addresses, please ensure front office staff are aware of this and know both addresses.



Our next School Board Meeting on Wednesday 7 August at 6:00pm will be a Public Meeting.  The Board members invite parents to join them for this meeting.  You will see how meetings are conducted and what is discussed.


SCHOOL PROCESSES – Reporting to Parents:

  • One formal report, using DoE Reports will be emailed to parents at the end of each semester for K-6.
  • One formal parent class meeting will take place during the year – one in term 1 week 2 for Years K-6.
  • Teachers are encouraged to individually communicate with parents on a needs basis regarding student progress and schooling during Term 1.
  • One formal parent/teacher meeting will take place during the year in term 2 for Years K-6 by either phone of face-to-face with relief staff freeing teachers to conduct meetings during the school day from 8:00am-4:00pm.
  • Brightpath Report To Parents in Maths (possibly English in future) will be provided to parents at the parent/teacher meeting or sent home if parents do not attend face-to-face.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings will be in 15 minute time slots with 10 minute meetings and 5 minutes between.
  • For Pre-primary, schools are required to report using the Western Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science using achievement descriptors aligned to the achievement standards.
  • For Years 1-2, schools must report in all the learning areas taught using achievement descriptors and may use letter grades.
  • For Years 3-6, schools must report in all the learning areas taught using achievement descriptors and letter grades.
  • For Semester One reports P-6, Class Teachers will write a general comment and grades only.
  • For Semester One Specialist Teachers will give a grade only.
  • For Semester Two Class Teachers will write a general personalised comment, personalised comment for Mathematics and English and grades.
  • Within the English comment, please note Philosophy.
  • For Semester Two Specialist Teachers will write a general comment and grades.
  • All teachers will inform parents prior to reports going home if their child is receiving a D grade.
  • In Semester 1 reports, teachers should make a professional judgement regarding the level of achievement that the student is demonstrating relative to the achievement standard. This judgement must take into account the curriculum that has been taught and assessed to that point in time.
  • Parents are informed of documented plans for their child. A copy is emailed to them
  • Communication is offered to parents on a documented plan.
  • If there is a legitimate reason for a student to be following a modified curriculum the student will have a documented learning plan (eg individual education plan, individual behaviour plan, ABLEWA) and this will be indicated by a tick in the Not Assessed (N/A) column in place of an E (very low achievement at this year level) and the parents will be directed through a comment to see the attached documented plan.
  • Other informal reporting takes place on a needs basis, with information from parent/teacher meetings, recorded on SEN.



  • Kindy applications for 2025 close on Friday 19 July
  • Claims for the WA Student assistance payment close on Friday 28 June
  • TA4 assembly is tomorrow 6 June



The year 6 Wellbeing Warriors have done an amazing job for the last couple of weeks, working with our year 5, 4 and year 3 children.

Well done Wellbeing Warriors, a great start to your new roles and you all look so professional.



This term the year one’s and 2’s have been learning about the physical science “Force”.

The students have been actively engaging in the areas of push and pull and how these events occur in everyday life.  For example, how our bodies move when using different play equipment.

Over the last 3 weeks they have also been investigating the  forces that make things move through water including gravity, wind, water and water based vehicles.  Working in groups, the students were given the task to design and create their own boat using only alfoil, straws, sticky tape, bluetac and paper.  As you can see a lot of fun has been had during science lessons this term.

Here are some of the designs:































WEEK 10 (17-21 June)

WEEK 11 (24-28 June)

Sessions Lesson Times Classes
Session 1 (depart HPPS 11:40) 12:00 -12:40 EC1(PP) TA1 (P/1) TA3 (Yr2)
Session 2 (depart HPPS 12:25) 12:45 – 1:25 TA4 (1/2) TA5 (3) TA 6 (4)
Session 3 (depart HPPS 1:10) 1:30 – 2:15 TA7 (5) & TA9 (5/6)

These swimming lessons are part of the school’s Physical Education curriculum and, as such, all children are expected to participate.

Cost is $35 per child.

Credit notes were sent home in Week 6. For those that have unallocated credit on their account, please use this towards swimming. If you are unsure if you have credit or how much credit you do have, please contact Admin.



We are your Gilmore faction captains, Crystal and Kyle.

Please remember to bring your hat and water bottles to school every day. If you do not have a hat you must sit in the undercover area. The lost property can be found outside TA9. Please remember to continue to put your name on all your items.

Once again you know what they say, if you like it then you should of put a name on it, if you like it then you should of put a name on it.

The year 6 bike raffle is happening now to help fund our year 6 camp. It is a $300 dollar bike voucher donated by Jessica Stojkovski. Tickets are only $1 each. The more tickets you buy the better chance of winning. Make sure to have faith.

We have started our interschool sports that are every Friday. Make sure to keep trying your best and keep giving 100% effort, so you can achieve victory for every match you play in. Our next game is tomorrow and soon the lighting carnival will be happening.

Running club is held every Monday morning starting at 7:45am. Students from Year 2 to 6 are welcome to join, and we can guarantee that you will have a wonderful time and use lots of energy. On the days that it rains we exercise in the Under Cover Area so don’t worry about getting wet in the morning.

When you are leaving and coming to school on your bike, please walk it off the school grounds and when you leave, lock your bike in the racks. Always make sure to ride safely and make sure you wear your helmet.

Each Thursday at lunch time some year 6’s will be running some wellbeing activities. These year 6’s are the Wellbeing Warriors and are here to support you. Please check the schedule to see which year groups are allowed to join each week as this changes. We look forward to seeing you there. We will be holding lots of activities you will enjoy.

Wish you all good luck for the game at interschool tomorrow and we are versing Glendale.

Thank you for listening to the Senior Student report. We hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Stay safe and have fun.



Salvation Army Balga Doorways have asked us to do a food drive. The Salvation Army provide emergency relief for individuals and families experiencing financial hardship.

With the increase in cost of living, more and more people coming to them seeking support. Many of the families who reach out for help,  are unable to send their children to school due to not being able to provide food. The demand for essentials is constantly increasing and Salvation Army has reached out to our school community to do a food drive.

There will be a box in Admin for any donations.



Playgroup will be restarting on a Tuesday morning from 18 June.



The internet has enabled students to learn, share and create like never before, but it has also become a space for cybercriminals to steal from others. Cybercriminals target all internet users, regardless of their age. 

It’s important for school staff to communicate with parents, carers and students regarding the cyber risks of using devices, the internet and online gaming, and measures they can take to reduce these risks when using their online devices.

The Australian Signals Directorate who are the federal government’s agency responsible for cyber warfare, and information security, has released new advice and resources to stay safe online. Click the below link to access their resources for top tips for cyber security. The resources can help parents, carers and students reduce the cyber risks associated with their online activities, including using popular apps, social media and online games.



Week 8:

5 Jun – Hawker Headlines

6 Jun – TA4 Assembly

7 Jun – Interschool sports (Glendale)

Week 9:

13 Jun – Speak up – Year 1/2 12pm, Year 3-6 1.30pm

14 Jun – Interschool winter carnival

Week 10:

17-21 Jun – Swimming lessons

19 Jun – Hawker Headlines

21 Jun – Reports emailed home

Week 11:

24-28 Jun – Swimming lessons



Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:


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