We are already half way through term two with lots of exciting activities to undertake before end of term. Some of these include our year 5 assembly which will go ahead tomorrow morning despite the number of students who have been absent.

Next week we have two weeks of swimming starting Tuesday 7 June and ending on Friday 17 June.

Interschool Sports for the older children has also started and semester reports will be emailed home on Friday 24 June.

This year, we will be sending home the mandated bi-annual National School Opinion Survey which we aim to have ready for early term three if not before the end of this term. The online survey is an opportunity for parents, staff and the older students to provide feedback on how well they think the school is progressing and make constructive comments on how we could improve. Governments also gather relevant information. We encourage ALL families to complete one survey please. More information will be made available when the online survey is ready for you to complete.

Thank you to all those who have collected their free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs). I hope they have been of value.

I have talked about the next two paragraphs before but feel it is important to repeat them. If you have not had COVID-19 (and even if you have, you can catch it again), I strongly encourage you to wear masks to protect yourself, others and our staff from spreading the COVID-19 virus and other viruses and germs. I also encourage any child who wishes to do so to wear a mask. Please remember that our younger students have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated and, believe me, I understand parental anxiety. 

Although parents ask for details about close contacts, please be aware that information between home and school is confidential. We cannot tell you what we have been told about COVID or any other matter. We are directed through the Department of Education and they are ultimately directed by Government. For any change to Government Policy regarding COVID-19, I can only suggest ringing or visiting your local politician.

Finally, I thank all parents and carers for working with the school for the benefit of your children. Thank you for what you do for your children including the following:

  • dressing in school uniform including hat
  • providing healthy food
  • trying to be punctual
  • keeping hair a natural colour
  • tying hair back if long
  • keeping them home if sick
  • and more

Being a parent is a privilege and on behalf of the school, I salute you for the job you are doing. Thank you.


Apply to enrol your child/ren at Hawker Park Primary School for the 2023 school year by downloading a copy of the Application Form from our website or alternatively come to the front office of Hawker Park Primary School to collect.

Please make sure that you have applied to enrol your child as soon as you can. Submitting your application promptly will allow us to commence planning of classes for the coming year.

  • Kindergarten – must turn 4 by June 30, 2023
  • Pre-primary – must turn 5 by June 30, 2023

If you have a neighbour or friend whose child will be turning 4 before 30 June 2023, please remind them to complete an application form before the end of term 2.

Submit your Application Form for enrolment at the school as soon as possible and provide copies of:

  • your child’s birth certificate (the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate)
  • your child’s Immunisation History Statement (This can be obtained through your My Gov account)
  • proof of your current address (e.g. recent accounts for electricity, water and telephone, bank details)


  • children on school premise before 8:15am are not supervised
  • Hawker Hub had an opening plaque that needed to be put up inside the Hawker Hub. A huge thank you to Pav, our valued cleaner, who has completed this task
  • if your child is absent and you do not notify admin/classroom teacher the absence is marked as a “U” Absent (cause not established)
  • if your child is away for any reason you can notify the school via SkoolBag or contact the front admin on 9422 2000
  • did you know that Positive RATS should be registered Rapid antigen test (RAT) (


Term 2 – Week 6
• 2 Jun – Assembly TA7

Week 7
• 6 Jun – WA Day Holiday – Public Holiday
• 7 to 10 Jun – Interm Swimming (PP – Yr. 6)
• 7 Jun – MBA (Kindy)

Week 8
• 13 to 17 Jun – Interm Swimming (PP – Yr. 6)
• 14 Jun – MBA (Kindy)
• 15 Jun – Hawker Headlines

Week 9
• 20 Jun – Make a Move (Year 1 – 4)
• 21 Jun – Make a Move (PP, Year 5 & Year 6)
• 21 Jun – MBA (Kindy)
• 22 Jun – Speak Ups (Year 1 – 6)
• 23 Jun – Warwick Senior High School Buzz Day (Year 5)
• 24 Jun – Reports go home


National Walk Safely to School Day was held on Friday 20 May. We had a great turnout of students who walked or rode to school on this day.

Students received a piece of fruit and a sticker for their efforts. Congratulations to the Year 6 class who had the greatest percentage of students who came to school by bike or by walking. The overall percentage of students who were active in their movement to school was 67%. This was up from 28% on our initial survey of students’ movement to school.

Congratulations to everyone who was active in getting to school on this day. Our goal is to continue this positive trend and be more active in the way we travel to school.

Walk to School Safely Day

Ms Randell

Your Move


We are aiming to start a Walking School Bus in term 3 where our students can walk safely to school together. This gives students the opportunity to exercise, to become aware of road safety and to spend time with their friends.

The Walking School Bus is led by parents who volunteer to take turns walking the students to school. For more information, click on the link below to watch a video clip of how to start a Walking School Bus. 

All students took a note home today so that you can indicate parent and student interest in being involved with our Hawker Park Walking School Bus.

If you have any questions, please contact Felicity Randell or Andrew Etheridge


We look forward to the year five performance. Although masks are no longer required to be worn, we encourage you to wear them.

The siren will sound at 8:25am. If your child is late, after 8:30am, they must wait in Admin to be taken over to the Assembly Area at an appropriate time.


Parents are reminded that next week all children will be attending swimming lessons as outlined below. During swimming there will be modified recess and lunch times for various groups. Lunch orders can still be placed. 

Provisional Lesson Times

Session Groups

Depart School (approx.)

Lesson Time

EC1, EC2 & TA4


9:20am – 10:00am

TA3 & TA7


10:05am – 10:45am

TA1 & TA5


11:00am – 11:40am

TA2 & TA9


11:45am – 12:25pm


  • bathers
  • towel
  • bag
  • Appropriate footwear is required
  • Goggles (recommended)
  • Long hair must be tied back.


Children can come to school with their bathers worn under their uniform to go to the pool. Underclothes and towel will be taken to the pool in a named bag.

Children will change out of their bathers to return to school. These arrangements are necessary because of the inappropriateness of being in bathers all day.

Parents attending to watch their children must enter through the main entrance and pay the appropriate entry fee. 


On Friday the 27 of May, we played our first game of inter school sport. We are very proud of all of the students who took part.

The netball teams did very well versing Marangaroo Primary. The A team won with got 9 goals to 4 and B team lost with 1 goal to 6.

The soccer A team won with a score of 5 – 0. The Hawker Park B team won. The score was 9 -0. All teams showed great sportsmanship.

The football team put in a great effort but lost 29 – 37.

Everyone was amazing and showed leadership and kindness to Marangaroo.

By Saphira and Alex


Yesterday we went to the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Convention Centre in the city. We learnt how to be good leaders and how to help our school with new ideas. We loved all the fun activities we did and the opportunity to be able to learn how to be effective leaders for our school.

Year 6 School Leaders

GRIP Leadership Conference


A big thank you from Hawker Park Primary School to those who helped on the election day sausage sizzle and cake stall. Over $1,000 was raised.


Hi all,



Please see our noticeboard outside administration for the following events:

  • P & C Meeting Date – 15 June at 7pm in the Hawker Hub
  • How to enrol for Kindy 2023
  • Sprinting Fast – Athletics Clinic
  • Mercedes College
  • North Beach Baptist Church’s Kings Club – Sparks Studio



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